IONYX is a company that was founded in 1993 and was established in France in the Bordeaux region. It designs and manufactures specialized endodontic devices.

The IONYX range as a whole, which is intended for general practitioners devoted to improving the quality of their treatments as well as the comfort provided, was thought up with everyday practice and ease of use in mind.

IONYX is one of the most widely recognized specialists in the dental sector, and has a worldwide presence through its powerful network of distributors. Our retailers are personally trained in the machines designed by our team so that customers can find the right solution that matches their needs.

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Cominox is an Italian company, which has been studying, drawing and producing bench-top sterilizers for applications in dental and medical fields for more than 25 years. It is one of the most experienced company in the world. Its experience ensures advanced and excellent TECHNOLOGY, safe in STERILIZATION, modern and new DesIGn. Cominox autoclaves provide these values.

Recently Cominox commitment has been extended to other features of sterilization process: washing, wrapping, water treatment and cycles traceability. Nowadays Cominox is on the market as a true specialist in small and medium sterilization processes.

Because of its historical vocation, because of its mission CoMInox is PURE STERILIZATION.

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Neolix SAS is a French start-up company, which designs, manufactures and markets innovative dental instruments, such as endodontic instruments.

Neolix was founded in 2009 has patented 9 inventions and has received a few national awards for its innovative activity.

Neolix in particular has developed and patented a new manufacturing process unique in the world, using wire-cut Electric Discharge Machining (or wire-EDM). This new process is free of oil, of organic solvents and of strong detergents; hence it better preserves the environment and the operators. This technology offers an almost total freedom to develop various designs because of the lack of interface between the workpiece and the machining tool. This new process therefore allows creating new instruments, which are inaccessible to the other manufacturing processes. For example, the endodontic blade uniquely can display a variable changing profile, a much greater flexibility, and an abrasive and harder surface, hence offering new feeling in endodontics.

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HISTORY: Founded in 1995 by Dentist Gilbert Ely and business partner Gilbert Sotto, Elsodent is a manufacturer of dental products with unusual clinical features.

In 2001, Elsodent bought the machines to produce a temporary filling cement. With this acquisition, we began to manufacture and sell our own dental products, setting up a supply chain of raw materials. The company developed rapidly as we hired chemists and started our own R&D laboratory, staffed by highly trained technicians. Since then, Elsodent has grown considerably, constantly expanding its range of products to include composites, temporary resin-based luting cements, liners and resins.

Today the company offers more than 40 products and about 70 references and sub-references.

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PRODONT-HOLLIGER, 1st French Manufacturer of dental instruments presents to you his production, carried out in best French stainless steels and according to the most recent production technics.

The company has worked for more than 40 years with dental customers of the whole world, in more than 90 countries. From the association of the company Prodont (abrasives and waxes) and Holliger (mirrors) in the Eighties, the company diversified during time by integrating the production of dental instruments for dentists and laboratories, as well as the burners and the blowtorches.

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Sia Orthodontic Manufacturer is an italian company that produce and distribute orthodontic products.

Established in 2000, the company, located far north of the city of Caserta, has an industrial building of 1.000 square meters where either production and headquarter are located.
Thanks to our high quality standards we market our products in several countries around the world; however the quality of the company goes beyond compliance with quality standards: the satisfaction of every customer is the result we get with a strong commitment in research and development, in manufacturing procedures and materials supply. We believe that customer satisfaction has to be the constant presence of each contact with each customer.

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